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Monday, July 20, 2009

iRdiNa's aNugeRah ceMerLaNg DaY!!!

I think I could feel the proudness of every parent whom attended the Anugerah Cemerlang...from the faces, they are truly happy coz' their kid are among the top student whom achieve the award....and I am one of them...

tak rugi I scolded her (marah2 sayang) and gave inspiration to her to always study and study....she also looks very happy on the very beginning of the day....x sabaq2 nk pi sekolah pagi tu...sayang sekali PaPa can't attend the ceremony....last round also he miss the chance....rugi, rugi...but due to his work...what to do...:-(

Here are some moment captured during the ceremony;

opeNing ceReMony by the HM of Sek Keb Sultanah Asma
opening ceremony by SuLtaN kedah
SuLtaNah is presenting award to iRdiNa
Sultanah is presenting the award to Azra Dayana (DiNa's best friend)
certificate of achievement
"the award"
the band presenting lovely song

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