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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Advantages of Tea-Drinking

i am thinking of consuming tea for my daily consumption, however, i don't know which tea is good for my heath. thus i tried to google some information on certain famous tea that people drink for health conscious

here are some information about 3 types of tea that i am interested with to try for my consumption... i hope this could be a great information that can be utilised by other for their consumption too and towards healthy leaving ways... :))

 Rose Tea

Rose tea or rose hip tea is known for its many medicinal properties. It is derived from the fruit of the wild rose hip plant. It is a popular herbal health tea which has a slight tart flavor but is refreshing and delicious to drink. The fruit confers many of the health benefits because it contains many essential vitamins like C, D, K and E, as well as organic acids, like citric and malic acids and pectin. HolisticOnline.com and RoseMagazine.com cite the many health benefits of rose tea, which include building a strong immune system, strengthening the digestive system and the detoxification of the urinary tracts and kidneys.

 Chinese Tea

Tea was considered an elixir in ancient China. The legendary founder of herbology, Shen Nong, contributed to the development of Chinese medicine with his extensive knowledge of herbs; he tasted hundreds of herbs, including poisonous ones in order to distinguish those which had medicinal value from those which did not. He drank tea to counteract the effects of eating poisonous herbs.

According to TCM understanding, tea has both sweet and bitter flavors and possesses cooling properties. Tea helps to refresh the mind, enhance alertness and boost concentration. Tea can also promote body fluid production, quench thirst, clear heat and phlegm, promotes digestion and urination. Traditionally, it is used as:

A beverage to relieve indigestion and smooth bowel movements. It is especially good when combined with Tetradium ruticarpum (wu zhu yu), ginger or green onion. It is also used to relieve headaches, dizziness, heat stroke and sleepiness.
An antidote to clear toxic heat evils by promoting bowel movements and urination.
When tea is processed with vinegar, it can relieve diarrhea. Decoction of fried tea can treat dysentery.
A concentrated decoction of tea is used to expel phlegm due to wind evil and heat invasion.

Modern studies have found that tea contains more than 300 chemical substances, such as catechin, caffeine, flavonol, butyric acid, vitamins, minerals, pectin, saccharides and saponin. These ingredients work on the central nervous and cardiovascular system by acting as antioxidants, muscular relaxants and diuretics; they promote gastric secretions as well as inhibit bacterial growth. These pharmacological effects have the following health benefits:
Improve the immune system, slow down aging and can help prevent cancer;
Lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure and prevent arteriosclerosis;
Prevent tooth decay, freshen the breathe and assist in digestion;
Enhance the eliminating functions of the kidneys.   

Green Tea

Green tea is like regular black tea and it comes from leaves of the Camellia Sinesis plant. Green tea leaves are steamed, or baked, shortly after plucking, where black tea is not. Because green tea is not fermented, the finished leaves are very similar to the natural leaves from a tea bush.
Green Tea has been proven over and over that it has many health benefits for us. Green Tea has been said to reduce tumors and stop the growth of new cancer cells. It has an amazing anti aging benefit that some say have made them look ten years younger. The antioxidants in tea are compared to over 21 fruits and vegetables. More so in the Green Tea than regular. It has been shown to help in heart attacks and other health related issues. One study has shown to be helping with cataracts. One Green Tea fact is that the polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants in the green tea, favors bacteria that are good for the system while attacking the bad.

Here is some of the most important Green tea Facts:
• Cut stroke by up to 80%
• Recommended by Cancer Society as a “High Priority for Cancer Prevention”
• Protects the prostate from cancer
• Proven to help with weight loss
• One of the strongest anti-oxidants available
• Helps digestion and reduces bloating
• Normalizes healthy bacteria in the intestines
• Proven to help prevent heart disease
• Helps stop dental decay and gum disease
• Helps with bad breath


  1. teh cina walaupun xmanis tapi sedap diminum..

  2. teh cina & rose tea still boley masuk...tapi green tea mcm susah sikit tekak nk terima...but benefit of drinking the tea is quite good compared with the other two...hehehe

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  4. Hello from Finland. And thanks for tea information:)