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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

GENG...pengembaraan bermula...

On 21st February, 2009...at last kami p watch Geng - Pengembaraan Bermula Movie @ AS Mall...eventhough the cinema is quite new...but the crowd is quite huge...at the same time diaorg bukak two show and both also full house...end up we take the 1st row...1st time ever..hehehe!....ok lah janji dpt tgk...coz my kid dh bising giler nk tgk since they announce the date of the show....

punya la seronok masing2 terkekek2 dlm cinema...balik rumah siap promote lagi kat pak tam n mak tam suruh g tengok the movie...and i also recommend you all to watch that movie..really nice movie with a lovely animation....

as usual...upin n ipin is really cute and funny...other karektor also sgt bagus...especially "oopet"...cute sesgt...

I am proud that Malaysian also can produce such movie and hope there is a continuous stories from the movie....tumbs up...5 stars!

5 PeRkaRa

خمسة أشياء كلنا نريدها و نحاول الحصول عليها

Lima perkara semua kita mahukannya dan kita usaha utk mendapatkannya
1-وجه جميل
1:wajah yang cantik

2- فلوس بالملاين
2:duit yang banyak

3- صحة قوية
3:kesihatan yang baik

4- اولاد شاطرين وفالحين مثلنا
4:anak2 yg cerdik dan berjaya macam kita

5- نوم عميق من دون مهدئات و أدوية
5:tidur yang nenyak tanpa ganguan

سهلة جدا و بوصفة سحرية و سهلة تستغرق 15 دقيقة يومياً ! كيف؟؟؟؟؟
senang jer untuk mendapatkannya hanya 15minit setiap hari.

قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم :
kata nabi saw

من ترك صلاة الصبح فليس في وجهه نور و من ترك صلاة الظهر فليس في رزقه
siapa yang tinggalkan solat subuh tiadalah padanya nur di wajahnya
dan siapa yang tinggalkan solat zohor tiadalah padanya rezki yang berkat

بركة و من ترك صلاة العصر فليس في جسمه قوة و من ترك صلاة المغرب فليس في
dan barang siapa yang tinggalkan solat asar tiadalah padanya kekuatan badan,dan siapa yang tinggalkan solat maghrib tiadalah padanya anak2 yg bermanfaat

أولاده ثمرة و من ترك صلاة العشاء فليس في نومه راحة
dan barangsiapa yang tinggalkan solat isyak tiadalah padanya tidur yang nyenyak

بلغ عن الرسول (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم ) ولو آية
Sampaikanlah daripada nabi saw itu walaupun satu ayat...amin!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

lil' wafa sings her favorite song...

wafa really love singing...at any time and anywhere....
but when the time i wanna record her singing, for sure she feel shy...and that's why it became like the video that i captured...keh keh keh...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Why do we Muslims not celebrate Valentine's Day?

This question may be answered in several ways:

1- In Islam, the festivals are clearly defined and well established, and no additions or subtractions may be accepted. They are an essential part of our worship and there is no room for personal opinion. They have been prescribed for us by Allah and His Messenger . Ibn Taymiyyah may Allah have mercy on him said: "Festivals are part of the laws, clear way and religious ceremonies of which Allah Says (what means): 'To each among you, We have prescribed a law and a clear way' [Quran 5:48] and 'For every nation We have ordained religious ceremonies which they must follow.'" [Quran 22:67]

Like the Qiblah (the direction faced in prayer), prayer and fasting. So there is no difference between joining them in their festival and joining them in their other rituals. Agreeing with the whole festival is agreeing with disbelief. Agreeing with some of their minor issues is the same as agreeing with them in some of the branches of disbelief.

Festivals are the most distinctive things by which religions are told apart, so whoever celebrates their festivals is agreeing with the most distinctive rituals of disbelief. Undoubtedly, going along with them in their festivals may, in some cases, lead to disbelief. Dabbling in these things, at the very least, is a sin. The Prophet referred to the fact that every nation has its own festivals when he said: "Every nation has its own ‘Eed and this is our ‘Eed." [Al-Bukhaari]

Because Valentine's Day goes back to Roman times, not Islamic times, this means that it is something which belongs exclusively to the Christians, not to Islam, and the Muslims have no share and no part in it. If every nation has its own festivals, as the Prophet said: "Every nation has its ‘Eed" [Al-Bukhaari and Muslim] - then this means that every nation should be distinguished by its festivals.

If the Christians have a festival and the Jews have a festival, which belongs exclusively to them, then no Muslim should join in with them, just as he does not share their religion or their direction of prayer.

2- Celebrating Valentine's Day means resembling or imitating the pagan Romans, then the Christian People of the Book in their imitation of the Romans in something that was not part of their religion. If it is not allowed to imitate the Christians in things that really are part of their religion - but not part of our religion - then how about things which they have innovated in their religion in imitation of idol-worshippers?

Imitating non-Muslims in general -whether they are idol-worshippers or People of the Book - is Haraam (prohibited), whether that imitation is of their worship - which is the most serious form - or of their customs and behavior. This is indicated by the Quran, Sunnah and Ijmaa' (scholarly consensus):

(i) From the Quran: Allah Says (what means): "And be not as those who divided and differed among themselves after the clear proofs had come to them. It is they for whom there is an awful torment." [Quran 3:105]

(ii) From the Sunnah: the Prophet said: "Whoever imitates a people is one of them." [Abu Daawood]

Ibn Taymiyyah may Allah have mercy on him said: "This Hadeeth (narration) at the very least indicates that it is Haraam to imitate them, although the apparent meaning implies that the one who imitates them is non-Muslim, as Allah Says (what means): 'And if any amongst you takes them friends (and helpers), then surely, he is one of them' [Quran 5:5]."

(iii) With regard to Ijmaa', Ibn Taymiyyah narrated that there was agreement that it is Haraam to imitate non-Muslims in their festivals at the time of the Prophet’s Companions and Ibn Al-Qayyim narrated that there was scholarly consensus on this point.

3- The love referred to in this festival ever since the Christians revived it is romantic love outside the framework of marriage. The result of that is the spread of fornication and immorality. Hence, the Christian clergy opposed it at some stage and abolished it, then it came back again.

Some people may wonder, and say: “You mean to deprive us of love, but in this day and age we express our feelings and emotions - what is so wrong with that?”

We say:

Firstly: It is a mistake to confuse what they call the day with what the real intentions are behind it. The love referred to on this day is romantic love, taking mistresses and lovers, boyfriends and girlfriends. It is known to be a day of promiscuity and sex for them, with no restraints or restrictions… They are not talking of pure love between a man and his wife or a woman and her husband, or at least they do not distinguish between the legitimate love in the relationship between husband and wife, and the forbidden love of mistresses and lovers. This festival for them is a means for everyone to express love.

Secondly: Expression of feelings and emotions is not a justification for the Muslim to allocate a day for celebration based on his own thoughts and ideas, and to call it a festival, or make it like a festival or ‘Eed. So how about when it is one of the festivals of the non-Muslims?

In Islam, a husband loves his wife throughout the year, and he expresses that love towards her with gifts, in verse and in prose, in letters and in other ways, throughout the years - not just on one day of the year.

Thirdly: There is no religion which encourages its followers to love and care for one another more than Islam does. This applies at all times and in all circumstances, not just on one particular day. Indeed, Islam encourages us to express our emotions and love at all times, as the Prophet said: "If a man loves his brother, let him tell him that he loves him." [Abu Daawood]

And he said: "By the One in Whose hand is my soul, you will not enter Paradise until you truly believe, and you will not truly believe until you love one another. Shall I not tell you of something that, if you do it, you will love one another? Spread salaam (Islamic greeting) amongst yourselves." [Muslim]

Fourthly: Love in Islam is more general and more comprehensive; it is not restricted only to one kind of love, that between a man and a woman. There are many more kinds of love. There is the love of Allah, love of His Messenger and his companions love for good and righteous people, love and support for the religion, love of martyrdom for the Sake of Allah, etc. There are many kinds of love. It is a dangerous mistake to restrict this broad meaning to this one kind of love.

Fifthly: What these people think, that love before marriage is a good thing, is wrong, as has been proven in studies and by real-life experience.

So, how can we believe that Valentine's Day is of any benefit to Muslims? The truth is that it is a call for more permissiveness and immorality, and the forming of forbidden relationships.

The husband who sincerely loves his wife does not need this holiday to remind him of his love. He expresses his love for his wife at all times and on all occasions.

SKSA_sPoRt's daY!

Semalam Sport's day @ Sek Keb Sultanah Asma....Irdina take part dalam lumba lari 100m...dia kata masa training dpt no. 1, tapi the actual one dpt no. 2..."kakak terkejut la Mama...sebab slalu masa latihan cikgu tiup wisel, tapi masa hari sukan cikgu tembak pulak, macam mana nk dpt no. 1"....kids mmg pandai bagi alasan...apa2 pun congrats....mama ckp..."tak palah dapat no. 2 next year cuba lagi...masuk banyak sket acara...baru ada peluang cerah"....then Dina ckp..."sebenaqnya kakak ada msk relay jugak...tp cikgu x habaq awai2, jadi kakak mana tau nk buat apa...sbb 2 kakak kalah"...and again another reason..hehehe!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Mukjizat AZAN!

Pesanan  Semasa Mendengar Azan...

Kematian itu pasti  menjelma. Hanya masa dan waktunya yang tidak kita ketahui. Cuba kita amati. Mengapa  kebanyakan orang yang nazak, hampir ajal tidak dapat berkata apa-apa....  lidahnya kelu, keras dan hanya mimik mukanya yang menahan kesakitan 'sakaratul  maut'.

Diriwayatkan sebuah hadis yg bermaksud: "Hendaklah kamu mendiamkan diri ketika azan, jika tidak Allah akan kelukan lidahnya ketika maut menghampirinya. "Ini jelas menunjukkan, kita disarankan agar mendiamkan diri,  jangan berkata apa-apa pun semasa azan berkumandang.

Sebagai orang  beragama Islam kita wajib menghormati azan. Banyak fadhilatnya. Jika lagu  kebangsaan kita diajar agar berdiri tegak dan diamkan diri. Mengapa ketika azan  kita tidak boleh mendiamkan diri? Lantas sesiapa yang  berkata-kata ketika azan, Allah akan kelukan lidahnya ketika nazak .

Kita takut dengan kelunya lidah kita semasa ajal hampir tiba maka kita tidak dapat mengucap kalimah  "Lailahaillallah.." yang mana sesiapa yang dapat mengucapkan  kalimah ini ketika nyawanya akan dicabut Allah dgn izinNya menjanjikan syurga untuk mereka.

Dari itu marilah  kita sama-sama menghormati azan dan mohon kepada Allah supaya lidah ini tidak kelu semasa nyawa kita sedang dicabut.
"Ya Allah! Anugerahkanlah kematian  kami dengan kematian yang baik lagi mulia, lancarkan lidah kami mengucap kalimah  "Lailahaillallah.." semasa sakaratul maut menghampiri kami.  
Amin..amin..amin  Yarobbal a'lamin.."

Wahai Ali, bagi orang 'ALIM itu ada 3  tanda2nya:
1)   Jujur dalam berkata-kata.
2)   Menjauhi segala yg haram.
3)   Merendahkan diri.

Wahai Ali, bagi  orang yg JUJUR itu ada 3 tanda2nya:
1)    Merahsiakan  ibadahnya.
2)    Merahsiakan  sedekahnya.
3)    Merahsiakan ujian yg  menimpanya.

Wahai Ali, bagi org yg TAKWA itu ada 3  tanda2nya:
1)    Takut berlaku dusta dan  keji.
2)    Menjauhi kejahatan.
3)    Memohon yang halal kerana takut jatuh dalam keharaman.

Wahai Ali,  bagi AHLI IBADAH itu ada 3 tanda2nya:
1)     Mengawasi  dirinya.
2)     Menghisab  dirinya.
3)     Memperbanyakkan ibadah kepada Allah   s.w.t.

Wang RM50 kelihatan begitu besar bila dibawa ke kotak derma masjid, tetapi begitu kecil bila kita bawa ke supermarket.
45 minit terasa terlalu lama untuk berzikir tapi betapa pendeknya waktu itu untuk pertandingan bola sepak.
Semua insan ingin memasuki syurga tetapi tidak ramai yang berfikir dan berbicara tentang bagaimana untuk memasukinya .

celebrating Amee's Surprise Party

...Amee was really shocked on the surprise party that we organize to her @ the place that she choose (without realizing) - Arizona Pizza and with the cake that she order (also without realizing it) bought from Day&Day (Vanilla Toblarone)... ...Joining with us that day myself, zana, angela, CS Tan, suriya, elly, DXN Top Model (wennie), Bib and Miza... ...However, that was a nice party and we all enjoyed very much and released my stress due to heavy workload...

After this Angela plan to organize a trip to Haadyai (may be in March) and most of us are excited to join...me too...they said wanna watch "tiger show"...hahaha...elly and amee asked us...what show is that....then start la all the gossiping...the party become exciting as gossiping is something that woman likes so much...keh keh keh! Hopes that Angela able to ensure the trip happen and my hubby allow me to go shopping...yay!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Your Birthday is Painful; Love ur MOM

"To give a birth is not an easy task and only woman got this special task assigned by God, coz' God know Man for sure can't take the pain for carrying the baby inside the womb and giving birth...eventhough give birth is between life and death...but a woman never reject to get pregnant and give birth".

"Thanks MAK for sacrificing your moment of delivering me to the world, I really appreciated that and the time you spend for bringing me up till now. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH"...