..::AiN d'HeArTy::..


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

aGaiN... a voLcaNo @ sWeNsen!

best betui jumpa balik kengkwn...release tension...coz yesterday was so much things make me feel bad...somehow i wuz thinking of asking sweet Anne to accompany me enjoy an ice-cream @ Swensen. Since Ain is working nearby Subang Parade i might as well ask her to follow. End-up anne bring Sahak n Sue(anak sedara Hj Rikhan). So bertambah meriah la. Seronok betui, i feel so happy and we'll enjoy the ice-cream so much.
Hopefully, we will always keep in touch n having fun together.
A lot of things to shared b'coz everbody r not attached at Lotus except Anne yg masih setia di situ. But....thanks to all coz' i really feel relief from tension that i have at my work place now....Ya ALLAH Ya Tuhanku...semoga kami semua berbahagia di samping keluarga tercinta....Amin!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Things change...things differences...miss a lot of things...

so miss past time...now i feel like i've no life...all i do is working n working n working...hopefully, i got a better job which i could balance my life. career & family...eventhough i love my career but for me family is very2 important things for me to take care off. i felt like losing a great moment to watch my kids grown up....so bad.