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Friday, June 12, 2009

doubLe besDay ceLebRation at piZZa Hut

happy besday to Ida (03062009) and Wie (06062009)...and again we (zana, amee, bib, miza and myself) organize for a surprise party for both of them...both of them really surprise coz' did not expect for any party...(belated la katakan)...

besides that, buleh di katakan celebrating the end of diet contest...hehehe! after eating the pizza, everyone of us already increase the weight...kah kah kah...so fast...dasat jugak penangan pizza hut nie. amee said "we should boycott pizza hut, coz' menggemukkan"...hahaha...boleh ker?? ...

not forget to thanks miza coz joining the party...make it more cheerish and fun...luckily not so many people there today...so we all can "huha huha" over there sesuka hati kami...best best!!!

Tak sangka wie sungguh pemalu orgnyer...merah padam gak her face when kak zana bring the cake to the table...to snap photo also she feel very shy...but Ida very the spotting...all the smiley face show in all her photo shot...cute lady...(patut la Tok akak berkenan nk kenenkan Ida ngan one guy yg sedang mencari calon, sib baik ida dh ada yg punya...kalu tak leh ler sunting...hehehe!)

To both of you...may all ur dreams come true on ur special day and been bless by Allah s.w.t...

P.S: Ida yg tengah carik calon suami tur...semoga dapat calon yg soleh yeeee... Manik baju Wie tu cantik sesangat, leh ler fyza tempah for the next baju raye yer...Wie baik kan....tu yg cayang kat wie nie...hehehe!


  1. Salam Fiza. Lama tak dengar khabar. Your children are so beautiful & grown up so tall now. How long now we didn't meet ya?

    Cheers & do take care.

  2. hi maria, hepy to hear from u, mmg dh lama giler x jumpa maria, last time masa alesya still baby lagi...coz my kiddos are all grown up now, nampaknyer time to plan for a baby now..hehe! what about u??

  3. bestkan party kali nie...mmg kwie betul2 terkejut ....

  4. nama pun surprise..kalu x terkejut x best lar..hehe!

  5. rugi jadi golongan minoriti nie..asyik miss birthday celebration ja..hehe tapi keja kat dxn nie almost every month makan kek..selamat mengGEMUKkan diri!!