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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Gulp! This always ScaRy Me; Why is labor painful?

Tho the labor pain is really painful to me, and eventho i've gone thru the situation for 4 times and yet for another time soon, I still feel scary to face the situation again. But, at the end of the momento, when the baby come out with their crying sound, that is the most magically moment in which all the pain which i bare gone in a flip. Like I don't even know where it goes. This is the power of Allah s.w.t...and I am really glad and thankful for the experience by experience. I feel really great for the chances given by Allah s.w.t to me to experience the situation and having our own descent. I feel really proud to give those greatest gifts in our life to our family. And I truly hopes that I could be a great mum for them, who could grow and teach them to be a successful and righteous childs of us.

Labor and contractions are painful and there are several reasons for it. First it's the fear and anxiety felt about delivery - this releases stress hormones into the system in excess which causes labor pain to be more pronounced and last longer. Theoretically speaking, during each contraction the oxygen supply to the uterus muscles becomes restricted; when the intervals between contractions are short, the supply of oxygen reduces even further causing oxygen supply deprivation. So much of stretching takes place. Supporting ligaments of the uterus and pelvic joints stretch during contractions and when the baby descends. The cervix when it effaces and dilates gets stretched and this is painful. This is compounded by the stretching of the pelvic floor muscles and vaginal tissues. Weight of baby on nerves in and around the cervix and vagina, on the urethra, bladder and rectum causes great discomfort and are not easy to deal with. With all these changes going on with your body, pain is but natural. 

source: http://www.welcomebabyhome.com/parenting/why_is_labor_painful.html


  1. wowww! untuk kali ke lima?! Hebat lah akakk... saya nak kali kedua je baru pun cam dah serabut... hehehe

  2. tu lah kan...dlm sedar x sedar...for almost 13 years of marriage...we have been bless with those kiddos in our life...walaupun mabuk mengandung dan sakit nk bersalin, tapi dh nk masuk 5 jugak...semoga Allah melimpahkan rahmatNya dan memberi kami rezeki yg murah dan halal...aminnnn!

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  5. saya pernah tengok video wanita nk bersalin... mse jadi PBSM kt universiti dulu... saya tengok pun dh rase sakit.. ini kan pulak kalau melaluinya.. ya Allah.. apa pun. moga anak2 akak murah rezeki dan jadi insan yg berjaya di dunia dan di akhirat.. amin. jazakallah khair.

    p/s: agak susah nk bg komen..

  6. thks detektif A...semoga kita semua dpt menjaga amanah Allah buat kita dgn sesempurna mungkin...amin