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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thank You Allah :::the Precious gift:::

i love my family very much as it is a very special gift from Allah s.w.t with lots and lots of blessing. i have to promise to myself to take care those gifts with special care with all my hearts...Insya Allah.

Keysha Imanina

since last time update blog nie...masih dalam keadaan ternanti2 kelahiran baby baru...now baby Keysha dah 2 bulan dah.....and she is now at Nursery (sbb MaMa dh start ghoje)...kesian Princess Keysha...tapi x pa kalau rezeki kita semakin murah, InsyaAllah MaMa jaga Keysha and other siblings sendiri...semoga Allah s.w.t melimpahi kita dengan rezeki yg murah dan halal....amin ya rabbal a'lamin

just wanna share...baby Keysha Imanina lahir on 20th October, 2012 @ 1.53p.m dengan berat 3.3kg...alhamdulillah semuanya berjalan dengan baik dan lancar sekali....syukur ya Allah dengan kurnia rezekiMu ini....

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

What is going on with your baby during week 29?

At this point of pregnancy, your baby's hearing is already keenly developed. Baby may be startled by loud sounds (although there is a gap between the startling noise and your baby's reaction). Some of the sounds your baby is getting accustomed to (since it hears them on a regular basis) and in fact finds them comforting are the pounding of your heart, your digestive system, the rushing of blood. These sounds have been likened to a washing machine or dishwasher at work by scientists. It is no wonder that babies exposed to such 'white noises' can be lulled back to sleep as these sounds are familiar. Your baby is now able to hear your voice and the voices of other family members and even make a distinction. Baby now measures at 26cm (10½ inch) from crown to rump. Full length is 16¾ inch (37cm). Fetus weighs at 2¾ lbs or 1.25kg.

source: http://www.welcomebabyhome.com/newsletter_weeks/fetus_week_29.htm

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Gulp! This always ScaRy Me; Why is labor painful?

Tho the labor pain is really painful to me, and eventho i've gone thru the situation for 4 times and yet for another time soon, I still feel scary to face the situation again. But, at the end of the momento, when the baby come out with their crying sound, that is the most magically moment in which all the pain which i bare gone in a flip. Like I don't even know where it goes. This is the power of Allah s.w.t...and I am really glad and thankful for the experience by experience. I feel really great for the chances given by Allah s.w.t to me to experience the situation and having our own descent. I feel really proud to give those greatest gifts in our life to our family. And I truly hopes that I could be a great mum for them, who could grow and teach them to be a successful and righteous childs of us.

Labor and contractions are painful and there are several reasons for it. First it's the fear and anxiety felt about delivery - this releases stress hormones into the system in excess which causes labor pain to be more pronounced and last longer. Theoretically speaking, during each contraction the oxygen supply to the uterus muscles becomes restricted; when the intervals between contractions are short, the supply of oxygen reduces even further causing oxygen supply deprivation. So much of stretching takes place. Supporting ligaments of the uterus and pelvic joints stretch during contractions and when the baby descends. The cervix when it effaces and dilates gets stretched and this is painful. This is compounded by the stretching of the pelvic floor muscles and vaginal tissues. Weight of baby on nerves in and around the cervix and vagina, on the urethra, bladder and rectum causes great discomfort and are not easy to deal with. With all these changes going on with your body, pain is but natural. 

source: http://www.welcomebabyhome.com/parenting/why_is_labor_painful.html

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Happy 12th Besday Sweetie IrDiNa LiDyyA

happy besday to my eldest daughter Nur Irdina Lidyya. She is now 12th years old. Wahhhh so fast the time flies and now need to bring her to do her own I/C.

Mama doakan IrdiNa berjaya dengan cemerlangnya di dalam apa jua bidang yg Irdina pilih, dunia dan akhirat. Semoga Irdina menjadi anak yg solehah serta taat pada MaMa & PaPa, also Mak Tok.

Also wanna congrats you on your achievement in trial UPSR...keep-up the good works and I believe with more effort you shall manage to score in the final UPSR soon. And hopefully, you are able to enter a boarding school and become a great example to your brother and sisters.

Not to forget, this special video that I wanna dedicated to you on your special birthday. And always remember that MaMa & PaPa loved you so much!

~iRDiNa 12th beDay~ from fyza ismail on Vimeo.

Monday, July 23, 2012

I am 27 Weeks Pregnant NOW!!

It's 3rd Ramadhan and I am currently 27 weeks pregnant. Alhamdulillah, manage to complete my fasting eventhough i'm pregnant. I pray that I'll be strong and healthy enough for the next 27 days for completing a full one month Ramadhan period. And baby...be strong with MaMa ok...hehehe!

At this age the fetus is able to distinguish between light and dark. Research demonstrates how babies in the womb turn away from the source to the other side when a bright light is shone on their mother's stomach. Baby now weights slightly more than 2 pounds (1kg) and is more than 9½ in (24cm) from crown to rump. Head to heel (full length) baby measures at 15¼ in (34cm).

Besides that, you may feel pain in the rib cage area as your ribs rise up and your lower ribs begin to spread out to accommodate your expanding uterus. It is a common complaint associated with the later part of the middle trimester. Your growing uterus is putting pressure on all your organs including the small bowel, bladder and rectum. You will probably feel your baby's movements every day now; the movements are stronger and harder than before. Don't ignore if the pressure is really painful. In most cases it is a not a serious concern but seek your doctor's advice.

This is the ideal time to plan your maternity leave if you are working. Maternity plans involve 2 outcomes: one where everything goes according to plan or the other where complications arise and it becomes imperative to go on leave sooner than scheduled. Another thing to bear in mind is how close to the delivery date you would want to remain on the job. Conventional wisdom dictates that you spend maximum time you can afford working (work till the contractions begin). That way you can maximize the time you spend with baby after delivery. However it makes sense to consider working part-time or on flexi-hours or to take time off as you move closer to your due date. This will enable you to remain relaxed to gear up mentally before the big day. Besides the time you have now for yourself will not be possible with the arrival of the baby. Whatever you decide ensure you get a schedule that will allow you to be well rested before the contractions kick in. 

(source: http://www.welcomebabyhome.com/newsletter_weeks/fetus_week_27.htm)

Friday, July 13, 2012

DarLinG_AzLaN from fyza ismail on Vimeo.

This special video is dedicated to my lovely hubby. I love this song so much and I really mean it when i say i love you one thousand years and will love you one thousand more...u always special in my eyes and of course in my heart darling...love you till the end of my life...my prayers that we could always be together happily ever after....dunia and akhirat...aminnnnnnn!

Monday, June 25, 2012

What is going on with your baby during week 23?

By now your baby weighs almost 1 pound (455g) and is about 8 inches long (20cm). Baby is now about the size of a small doll. Baby's eyes are large and bulging at this stage; this is because the face is not filled up enough. As baby starts to gain some fat on the body and face, the look will assume a more infant appearance. What is amazing is although you are more than halfway through the journey; baby presently only weights about a pound.

Note: Just can't wait to see the baby in real...and my dream this round to go for 3D/4D scanning :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hepy Beday to my darlingsss Darwisy, Danial & Rania

love uols so much...and MAMA pray that uols will be a great kiddos, soleh & solehah serta berjaya dunia & akhirat...aminnn

Friday, April 20, 2012

..::: Bapak Tersayang:::..

kerinduan pada bapak tercinta membuatkan aku teringat saat dan ketika bersamanya dulu...lalu aku menghasilkan sebuah video yg simple ini untuk aku menghilangkan rasa kerinduan padanya...dia seorang bapak yang penyayang, pengasih dan sangat mengambil berat tentang diriku serta saudara2ku...ku rasakan hatinya sangat mulia sekali...kerna dia x pernah lokek membantu yg dalam kesusahan...kasih bapak yang tiada penggantinya...

meskipun semasa aku kecil, dia sangat tegas dan garang, namun berubah setelah kami dewasa...mungkin itulah pendekatannya utk mendidik kami agar kami menjadi anak2 yg soleh dan solehah...alhamdulillah, masing2 dengan kehidupan masing2 yang agak bagus...berkat didikan bapak dan mak jugak

*al-fatihah buat bapak tercinta*

Friday, April 06, 2012

What is going on with your baby during week 12?

Your baby is about 2½ inches (6cm) long and weighs ¼ of an oz. Small amount of hair are beginning to cover baby's body, fingernails and toenails are beginning to grow, and your baby's first permanent tooth buds are forming. The digestive system is able to produce contractions that push food through the bowels. It is also able to absorb sugar. The thyroid gland has started to function and the fetal nervous system is beginning to mature. The amniotic sac which houses your baby contains about 1½ oz of fluid and by the time you deliver, the sac will contain about 3-4 cups of fluid. Your doctor is able to detect baby's heartbeat from now on using a Doppler. Your baby is moving inside your uterus but you probably won't feel it for a while yet. 

Source : http://www.welcomebabyhome.com

replica doll to scale of a fetus at 12-14 weeks

Thursday, March 29, 2012


:::MY SWEETHEART::: from fyza ismail on Vimeo.

What is going on with your baby during week 10?

The end of week 10 is the end of the embryonic period and marks the beginning of the fetal period. Most congenital defects occur before the end of week 10. The critical part of your baby's development is safely behind you. Few malformations occur during the fetal period. However it is still advisable to avoid severe stress or radiation. The tubes in your baby's lungs are fully formed and his intestines have migrated from the umbilical cord into the abdominal cavity. Your baby's taste buds start to develop and if your baby is a girl, her ovaries start to descend into the pelvis. Your baby is still very lightweight and measures about 1½ to 1¾ inch long 3.1-4.2cm and weighs close to just 1/30th of an oz or 0.18 oz (5g).

Source: http://www.welcomebabyhome.com

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fun Time

Dah agak lama x bwk bebudak jejln mkn angin. Especially last time we all slalu lepak kat hotel for fun sbb my kiddos suka mandi pool.

So, i decided to buy a small pool at Toy'R'us.

Sesungguhnya sgt excited lah mereka2 tatkala pool siap di pump. Kemudian diisi dgn air. Apa lg "dammmm" splashhh. Riang ria. Especially si kecik Alya, x lepas paip air. Hehe.

InsyaAllah kalau ada rezeki lebih kita g mandi kat pool yg lebih beso yek.

Monday, March 19, 2012

What is going on with your baby during week 9?

Your baby is now a little more than an inch long roughly the size of a large grape, 2.2-3cm (1-1¼ in). Your baby's arms and legs are longer. The head is more erect, and the neck more developed. The eyelids almost cover the eyes. External ears are evident and well formed. Your baby now makes some movements and this can be captured via an ultrasound exam. The baby looks more recognizable as a human being, although it is still extremely tiny. It is not possible to make a distinction between a male and a female baby at this point.

source: http://www.welcomebabyhome.com/

Monday, March 12, 2012

What is going on with your baby during week 8?

At about 36 days of development, your baby's ears begin to assume a more human shape. The baby is starting to resemble a newborn. The facial muscles begin to develop, the eyes begin to develop color, the eye muscles begin to form, the eyelids start to develop and the nerve fibers that connect the nose to the brain begin to form. In the heart, the valves are present and distinct. The body's trunk area is getting longer and straightening out. Elbows are present, and arms and legs extend forward. By the end of this week, your baby will be about 1.4-2cm (½ to ¾ in). 

Source: http://www.welcomebabyhome.com/

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Es Teler

tiba2 terasa plak nk pekena es teler nie...dengan tekak yg agak2 payau dan loya nie...agak2 boleh kot masuk es teler yg menggiurkan ni....

1st time pekena es teler kat Jakarta...siap repeat dua kali sebelum pulang ke Malaysia...aduhhhh enak bangat lor....rasanya...refreshing....segar kok...

then bila pulang ke Malaysia rasa kepingin bangat....cari punya cari ketemu di Sari Ratu Restoran yang menghidangkan makanan ala-ala minang....fuhhhh daging dendeng x hengat sedap with special sambalnye...best2

skali lagi terjumpa es teler yg lagi sedap di Belanga, Empire Shopping Complex...nak pulak pekena ngan nasik goreng dia yg menyengat....mmg full to the fullest lar...sedapppppp....kena ngn my taste...yummylicious...(agak2 bila nk p x tau lah...mengenangkan time mabuk ni yek)

*"How Fruit Nutrition Benefits Health"*

Fruits have many benefits for your health and well being, and if eaten regularly can even aid you in losing weight. Mentioned here are some benefits of eating fruits:

     *Weight control:* Fruits help you in losing weight by satisfying
     your carving for sugars since they are not loaded with calories,
     they don’t let you gain too much weight

     *Packed with energy:* fruits provide you with much more energy to
     perform your daily duties and even exercises as they are rich in
     vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are essential for your health

     *Lower risk of developing heart diseases:* since fruits contain
     literally no cholesterols, they help maintain ideal levels of
     cholesterol in the blood, they are also packed full of potassium
     that is very healthy for the heart. They actually have the
     potential to lower the risk of heart diseases as well as aiding in
     lowering blood pressure due to the high potassium content.
     *May reduce the risks of developing certain cancers:* fruits
     contain a lot of anti oxidants, which help fight cancer producing
     cells. They also have natural chemicals that may aid in preventing
     the growth of mutating cells, especially colon cancer cells.

     *Fruits help in slowing down the aging process:* due to the
     anti-oxidants and vitamins in fruits, they help you stay younger,
     healthier and stronger. They give you the essential minerals and
     vitamins that will not let you have deficiencies and thus, have a
     better and longer life.

*How can you incorporate fruits into your diet?*

     Add dried pieces of fruit to your breakfast cereal

     Make fruit salads, and then refrigerate them

      Eat apples, bananas, pears, grape fruit or any other seasonal
     fruit before you go out

     Drink fruit juices instead of sodas, but always try to make fresh
     fruit juice.

So wait no longer to incorporate fruits into your daily diet and gain all the benefits that you hope for. Next week, we will share about the Healthy Carbohydrates. So, do keep in track with us as to eat healthy and stay healthy.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Kraf YoYo

I've ordered from a special fren of mine, Salmiza.
It's so lovely either for ur own use or even for a gift.
Thanks Sal for the handmade cousin cover. Love it!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Otak Kiri Vs Otak Kanan

Otak merupakan organ bagi pusat kawalan utama bagi badan. Ia menerima maklumat melalui deria dari dalam dan luar tubuh. Ia menganalisa maklumat ini dan kemudiannya menghantar perutusan kepada badan yang mengawal fungsi dan tindakannya. Otak meningati pengalaman lepas, dan merupakan punca fikiran, mood, dan emosi.

Dalam haiwan, otak (εν-κέφαλος, bahasa Greek bagi "dalam tengkorak"), merupakan pusat kawalan bagi sistem saraf tunjang, bertanggungjawab bagi kelakuan. Otak terletak di kepala, dilindungi oleh tengkorak dan hampir dengan perkakasan deria bagi penglihatan, pendengaran, keseimbangan, rasa dan bau. Sementara kesemua vertebra mempunyai otak, kebanyakan invertebra samaada mempunyai otak pusat atau himpunan ganglia terasing. Sesetengah haiwan seperti cnidarian dan echinoderm tidak memiliki otak pusat, sebaliknya mempunyai sistem saraf berasingan, sementara haiwan seperti sponge ketiadaan otak dan sistem saraf sama sekali. Otak mampu menjadi amat rumit. Sebagai contoh, otak manusia mengandungi sekitar 23 bilion neuron, setiap satunya bersambung dengan hampir 10,000 neuron yang lain.
Otak kiri banyak dikaitkan dengan fungsi akademik yang terdiri dari kemampunan bercakap, kemampuan berbahasa, membaca tulisan, logik, angka, analisis, dan lain-lainnya. Biasanya ia diidentitikan dengan kecerdasan analitik atau intelek. Maksudnya otak kiri kita ini banyak berkait dengan kemampuan matematik, analisis dan kemampuan berfikir secara sistematik. Cara kerja otak ini sangat rapi, dan terstruktur/tersusun. Biasanya otak kiri ini sangat bermanfaat digunakan untuk memahami hal-hal yang kompleks dan perlu pemikiran yang mengkhusus. Individu yang biasanya lebih menggunakan otak kiri adalah seorang penganalisis, pengkaji, Ahli matematik atau saintis.
Sementara Otak kanan pula adalah tempat untuk perkembangan hal-hal yang bersifat artistik, kreativiti, perasaan, emosi, gaya bahasa, irama musik, imaginasi, fantasi, warna, pengenalan diri dan orang lain, hubungan sosial dan pengembangan keperibadian. Jika individu yang banyak yang mengatakan otak kiri dilabel sebagai pengendali IQ (Intelligence Quotient), otak kanan pula memegang peranan penting bagi perkembangan EQ (Emotional Ouotient). Fungsi dari otak kanan ini adalah untuk mengurus pola berpikir kreatif manusia, contohnya adalah kemampuan komunikasi (lingusitik). Cara kerja otak kanan ini biasanya tidak terstruktur, dan cenderung tidak memikirkan hal-hal yang terlalu khusus iaitu bertentangan dengan otak kiri. Contoh orang yang mengunakan otak kanan dibandingkan otak kirinya adalah seorang seniman, pelukis dan sebagainya.

          OTAK KIRI
  1. Berfikir dan mentafsir secara turutan satu persatu.
  2. Menganilisis secara terperinci.
  3. Berfikir secara linear (pengelolaan).
  4. Menguasai matematik.
  5. Menggunakan logik.
  6. Memahami bahasa.
  7. Memahami lisan.
  8. Peka kepada fakta.
  9. Berfikir menggunakan perkataan.
  10. Mengingat lirik lagu.
  11. Perlukan rasional.
  1. Mencari ilham (intuisi).
  2. Berfikir secara kreatif.
  3. Berkaitan seni.
  4. Menggunakan imaginasi.
  5. Bersifat subjektif.
  6. Retma (rentak/intonasi).
  7. Memahami tanpa lisan.
  8. Perasaan (emosi).
  9. Berfikir menggunakan gambaran.
  10. Menghayati irama lagu.
  11. Ada visi. 
Manusia adalah sebaik-baiknya ciptaan Allah s.w.t, sebab itu lah manusia bukan sahaja diberi otak, tetapi juga akal dan fikiran, bagi membolehkan manusia memanafaatkan anugerah OTAK yg tidak terhingganya. Biarpun otak KIRI atau KANAN, pasti kedua2nya penting kerna, Allah s.w.t tak kan cipta kedua2nya sekiranya ianya tiada kepentingan, maka pastikan kita menggunakan kedua2 belah otak kita dengan sebaik mungkin dan kita harus juga menjaganya dengan sempurna mungkin. Walllahua'lam.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Tak tertahan rasa sedih melihat wajah Darwisy. Sayu je. Dah msk hari ketiga admitted kat Hospital Selayang. Disyaki "meningitis" atau infection pada selaput otak. Setelah diserang epilepsy yg panjang. Aku panjatkan kesyukuran pada Yang Maha Esa kerna sempat bwk Darwisy ke Hospital dgn ambulance. Aku berdoa pada Allah s.w.t semoga Darwisy cepat sembuh dan dijauhi penyakit. Amin Ya Rabbal A'laminnnn.

Semlm Darwisy telah dinasihatkan Dr utk mengambil air tulang belakang bg menyenangkan proses perubatan & penyembuhan.

Dan dah 3 hari Darwisy ambik antibiotik yg dijangka habis sekurang2nya 14 hari. Maknanya lama jugak darwisy kena stay kat spital. Tapi x pe asalkan anak mama sihat sejahtera

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Advantages of Tea-Drinking

i am thinking of consuming tea for my daily consumption, however, i don't know which tea is good for my heath. thus i tried to google some information on certain famous tea that people drink for health conscious

here are some information about 3 types of tea that i am interested with to try for my consumption... i hope this could be a great information that can be utilised by other for their consumption too and towards healthy leaving ways... :))

 Rose Tea

Rose tea or rose hip tea is known for its many medicinal properties. It is derived from the fruit of the wild rose hip plant. It is a popular herbal health tea which has a slight tart flavor but is refreshing and delicious to drink. The fruit confers many of the health benefits because it contains many essential vitamins like C, D, K and E, as well as organic acids, like citric and malic acids and pectin. HolisticOnline.com and RoseMagazine.com cite the many health benefits of rose tea, which include building a strong immune system, strengthening the digestive system and the detoxification of the urinary tracts and kidneys.

 Chinese Tea

Tea was considered an elixir in ancient China. The legendary founder of herbology, Shen Nong, contributed to the development of Chinese medicine with his extensive knowledge of herbs; he tasted hundreds of herbs, including poisonous ones in order to distinguish those which had medicinal value from those which did not. He drank tea to counteract the effects of eating poisonous herbs.

According to TCM understanding, tea has both sweet and bitter flavors and possesses cooling properties. Tea helps to refresh the mind, enhance alertness and boost concentration. Tea can also promote body fluid production, quench thirst, clear heat and phlegm, promotes digestion and urination. Traditionally, it is used as:

A beverage to relieve indigestion and smooth bowel movements. It is especially good when combined with Tetradium ruticarpum (wu zhu yu), ginger or green onion. It is also used to relieve headaches, dizziness, heat stroke and sleepiness.
An antidote to clear toxic heat evils by promoting bowel movements and urination.
When tea is processed with vinegar, it can relieve diarrhea. Decoction of fried tea can treat dysentery.
A concentrated decoction of tea is used to expel phlegm due to wind evil and heat invasion.

Modern studies have found that tea contains more than 300 chemical substances, such as catechin, caffeine, flavonol, butyric acid, vitamins, minerals, pectin, saccharides and saponin. These ingredients work on the central nervous and cardiovascular system by acting as antioxidants, muscular relaxants and diuretics; they promote gastric secretions as well as inhibit bacterial growth. These pharmacological effects have the following health benefits:
Improve the immune system, slow down aging and can help prevent cancer;
Lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure and prevent arteriosclerosis;
Prevent tooth decay, freshen the breathe and assist in digestion;
Enhance the eliminating functions of the kidneys.   

Green Tea

Green tea is like regular black tea and it comes from leaves of the Camellia Sinesis plant. Green tea leaves are steamed, or baked, shortly after plucking, where black tea is not. Because green tea is not fermented, the finished leaves are very similar to the natural leaves from a tea bush.
Green Tea has been proven over and over that it has many health benefits for us. Green Tea has been said to reduce tumors and stop the growth of new cancer cells. It has an amazing anti aging benefit that some say have made them look ten years younger. The antioxidants in tea are compared to over 21 fruits and vegetables. More so in the Green Tea than regular. It has been shown to help in heart attacks and other health related issues. One study has shown to be helping with cataracts. One Green Tea fact is that the polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants in the green tea, favors bacteria that are good for the system while attacking the bad.

Here is some of the most important Green tea Facts:
• Cut stroke by up to 80%
• Recommended by Cancer Society as a “High Priority for Cancer Prevention”
• Protects the prostate from cancer
• Proven to help with weight loss
• One of the strongest anti-oxidants available
• Helps digestion and reduces bloating
• Normalizes healthy bacteria in the intestines
• Proven to help prevent heart disease
• Helps stop dental decay and gum disease
• Helps with bad breath

Yoh's Engagement Day

what a happy day for maghfiroh...her engagement day with purple theme...alhamdulillah dapat merapatkan silaturrohim bersama2 sanak-saudara yg jarang2 dapat bertemu...

and byk gossip2 dpt dikongsi bersama...hahaha

also the date for her wedding has been fixed on the coming December...dapat lah bergenuaq lagi bersama sanak saudara...yg lebey ramai (sbb this round x ramai sgt yg dijemput)....can't wait for the big day...happy for her...and we pray for her happiness and barakah from Allah s.w.t