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Saturday, October 29, 2011

"I give the best of Me" by uMaR

uMar is so special coz' he got a great talent in singing...and his voice and song was so touching, i just can't stop my tears from dropping out every single time i listen to his songs...his very 1st single call "I GIVE THE BEST OF ME" really make me feel thankful to Allah for granting us a child in our life, without them life is so empty and meaningless...i love my kids so much and i want them to be like uMar...finding the best in their life and show to the world what they actually can do...

thanks Marina for offering this great CD to me coz' this is one of the best tool that i can use to show to my kids that your special son like uMar can inspire them to the best like him...really appreciate that...love you uMar...and MaMa PiJOt wish the best of luck to you son...


  1. bagusnya bila mengetahui ramainya insan yang berkasih sayang =)