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Thursday, March 29, 2012


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What is going on with your baby during week 10?

The end of week 10 is the end of the embryonic period and marks the beginning of the fetal period. Most congenital defects occur before the end of week 10. The critical part of your baby's development is safely behind you. Few malformations occur during the fetal period. However it is still advisable to avoid severe stress or radiation. The tubes in your baby's lungs are fully formed and his intestines have migrated from the umbilical cord into the abdominal cavity. Your baby's taste buds start to develop and if your baby is a girl, her ovaries start to descend into the pelvis. Your baby is still very lightweight and measures about 1½ to 1¾ inch long 3.1-4.2cm and weighs close to just 1/30th of an oz or 0.18 oz (5g).

Source: http://www.welcomebabyhome.com

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fun Time

Dah agak lama x bwk bebudak jejln mkn angin. Especially last time we all slalu lepak kat hotel for fun sbb my kiddos suka mandi pool.

So, i decided to buy a small pool at Toy'R'us.

Sesungguhnya sgt excited lah mereka2 tatkala pool siap di pump. Kemudian diisi dgn air. Apa lg "dammmm" splashhh. Riang ria. Especially si kecik Alya, x lepas paip air. Hehe.

InsyaAllah kalau ada rezeki lebih kita g mandi kat pool yg lebih beso yek.

Monday, March 19, 2012

What is going on with your baby during week 9?

Your baby is now a little more than an inch long roughly the size of a large grape, 2.2-3cm (1-1¼ in). Your baby's arms and legs are longer. The head is more erect, and the neck more developed. The eyelids almost cover the eyes. External ears are evident and well formed. Your baby now makes some movements and this can be captured via an ultrasound exam. The baby looks more recognizable as a human being, although it is still extremely tiny. It is not possible to make a distinction between a male and a female baby at this point.

source: http://www.welcomebabyhome.com/

Monday, March 12, 2012

What is going on with your baby during week 8?

At about 36 days of development, your baby's ears begin to assume a more human shape. The baby is starting to resemble a newborn. The facial muscles begin to develop, the eyes begin to develop color, the eye muscles begin to form, the eyelids start to develop and the nerve fibers that connect the nose to the brain begin to form. In the heart, the valves are present and distinct. The body's trunk area is getting longer and straightening out. Elbows are present, and arms and legs extend forward. By the end of this week, your baby will be about 1.4-2cm (½ to ¾ in). 

Source: http://www.welcomebabyhome.com/

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Es Teler

tiba2 terasa plak nk pekena es teler nie...dengan tekak yg agak2 payau dan loya nie...agak2 boleh kot masuk es teler yg menggiurkan ni....

1st time pekena es teler kat Jakarta...siap repeat dua kali sebelum pulang ke Malaysia...aduhhhh enak bangat lor....rasanya...refreshing....segar kok...

then bila pulang ke Malaysia rasa kepingin bangat....cari punya cari ketemu di Sari Ratu Restoran yang menghidangkan makanan ala-ala minang....fuhhhh daging dendeng x hengat sedap with special sambalnye...best2

skali lagi terjumpa es teler yg lagi sedap di Belanga, Empire Shopping Complex...nak pulak pekena ngan nasik goreng dia yg menyengat....mmg full to the fullest lar...sedapppppp....kena ngn my taste...yummylicious...(agak2 bila nk p x tau lah...mengenangkan time mabuk ni yek)

*"How Fruit Nutrition Benefits Health"*

Fruits have many benefits for your health and well being, and if eaten regularly can even aid you in losing weight. Mentioned here are some benefits of eating fruits:

     *Weight control:* Fruits help you in losing weight by satisfying
     your carving for sugars since they are not loaded with calories,
     they don’t let you gain too much weight

     *Packed with energy:* fruits provide you with much more energy to
     perform your daily duties and even exercises as they are rich in
     vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are essential for your health

     *Lower risk of developing heart diseases:* since fruits contain
     literally no cholesterols, they help maintain ideal levels of
     cholesterol in the blood, they are also packed full of potassium
     that is very healthy for the heart. They actually have the
     potential to lower the risk of heart diseases as well as aiding in
     lowering blood pressure due to the high potassium content.
     *May reduce the risks of developing certain cancers:* fruits
     contain a lot of anti oxidants, which help fight cancer producing
     cells. They also have natural chemicals that may aid in preventing
     the growth of mutating cells, especially colon cancer cells.

     *Fruits help in slowing down the aging process:* due to the
     anti-oxidants and vitamins in fruits, they help you stay younger,
     healthier and stronger. They give you the essential minerals and
     vitamins that will not let you have deficiencies and thus, have a
     better and longer life.

*How can you incorporate fruits into your diet?*

     Add dried pieces of fruit to your breakfast cereal

     Make fruit salads, and then refrigerate them

      Eat apples, bananas, pears, grape fruit or any other seasonal
     fruit before you go out

     Drink fruit juices instead of sodas, but always try to make fresh
     fruit juice.

So wait no longer to incorporate fruits into your daily diet and gain all the benefits that you hope for. Next week, we will share about the Healthy Carbohydrates. So, do keep in track with us as to eat healthy and stay healthy.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Kraf YoYo

I've ordered from a special fren of mine, Salmiza.
It's so lovely either for ur own use or even for a gift.
Thanks Sal for the handmade cousin cover. Love it!