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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Happy 12th Besday Sweetie IrDiNa LiDyyA

happy besday to my eldest daughter Nur Irdina Lidyya. She is now 12th years old. Wahhhh so fast the time flies and now need to bring her to do her own I/C.

Mama doakan IrdiNa berjaya dengan cemerlangnya di dalam apa jua bidang yg Irdina pilih, dunia dan akhirat. Semoga Irdina menjadi anak yg solehah serta taat pada MaMa & PaPa, also Mak Tok.

Also wanna congrats you on your achievement in trial UPSR...keep-up the good works and I believe with more effort you shall manage to score in the final UPSR soon. And hopefully, you are able to enter a boarding school and become a great example to your brother and sisters.

Not to forget, this special video that I wanna dedicated to you on your special birthday. And always remember that MaMa & PaPa loved you so much!

~iRDiNa 12th beDay~ from fyza ismail on Vimeo.

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