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Saturday, February 07, 2009

celebrating Amee's Surprise Party

...Amee was really shocked on the surprise party that we organize to her @ the place that she choose (without realizing) - Arizona Pizza and with the cake that she order (also without realizing it) bought from Day&Day (Vanilla Toblarone)... ...Joining with us that day myself, zana, angela, CS Tan, suriya, elly, DXN Top Model (wennie), Bib and Miza... ...However, that was a nice party and we all enjoyed very much and released my stress due to heavy workload...

After this Angela plan to organize a trip to Haadyai (may be in March) and most of us are excited to join...me too...they said wanna watch "tiger show"...hahaha...elly and amee asked us...what show is that....then start la all the gossiping...the party become exciting as gossiping is something that woman likes so much...keh keh keh! Hopes that Angela able to ensure the trip happen and my hubby allow me to go shopping...yay!

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  1. Thanks you guys for taking the trouble to celebrate my birthday. It was so nice of you all and totally unexpected. It does make your day, when you are made to feel special, once in a while.