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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ice Age 3; Dawn of The Dinosours

on a lovely sunday afternoon after iRdiNa come back from her school, we bring the kids to watch a lovely movie together @ AS mall; big cinema ICE AGE 3...betapa gumbiranyer diaorg when they could watch the movie together.

we pick 2 lines; 4 infront and 3 at the back (for easy control)...so dina, danial, keemi and darwisy are sitting in front...meanwhile, abg, k.emy, nayli, wafa and myself sitting at the back. and the cinema is almost full...quite an enjoyable movie with a lots of laughter...and as usual wafa and nayli slept after half way of the movie...hehehe!

below is the review about the movie;
LET’S face it: how many of us can really ­resist a dinosaur flick? That is where Ice Age 3 really comes to life as our quirky family comprising the mammoths Manny (Romano) and Ellie (Latifah), Diego the sabre-tooth tiger (Denis Leary), Sid the bumbling sloth ­(Leguizamo) and Ellie’s possum ­brothers Crash and Eddie (Josh Peck) end up in an ­adventure in a whole new world.

It all begins with ­Manny and Ellie ­expecting the birth of their baby and Diego ­deciding to move on in life. This leaves an all-alone Sid stumbling into an ice cavern and discovering three eggs, which he promptly takes as his own.

The eggs hatch into baby dinosaurs and when Momma T-Rex comes a-searching, she takes them and Sid back to her world. The others give chase and find a lost ­tropical world right under their own ice-covered land.

Helping them navigate through this new dangerous world is a slightly mad ferret called Buck (Simon Pegg) who had tangled with a giant dinosaur he named Rudy and landed in the underground world one eye less.

Buck proves to be a barrel of laughs with his witty dialogue and over-the-top personality in this third instalment of the prehistoric hit animated film.

More footage has also been given to Scrat the prehistoric squirrel including a song-and-dance battle with Scratte, a pretty flying fox, over a nut.

This time around, the storyline is much better than the second movie with Buck and Scrat providing most of the laughs. Overall, this is one great fun viewing for the whole family.

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