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Thursday, September 14, 2006

SPW, MAA Assurance

Semalam cuti lagi, ada SPW (Sales Presentation Workshop) at MAA, Klang. It's a good Workshop for a Consultant like my self. Its able to brush-up and education we as a Consultant. Berkobar2 la plak bila attend course mcm nie. But then, I'm too busy with my family and career. Somehow i love doing insurance b'coz its in line with my heart; whereby i love helping people.
Insurance is all about helping people to save for their future and providing a sum to protect themselves when they have no income provider. So, no doubt it is important nowadays to have insurance. Moreover, nowadays Statistic shows that accident rate and chronic desease in Malaysia increased and it's a factor that contibuted to Death of Malaysian.

I wanted to share a Statistic with everybody, so that we alert about it.

In terms of safety at work, the workplace has become a dangerous place for workers in Malaysia.There were 85,869 industrial accidents in Malaysia in 2001.These accidents resulted in 958 deaths and permanent disability to 11,162 workers. The numberof road accidents escalated with an average of 16 people dying daily due to road accidents in 2001.

Injuries including road traffic accidents is third cause of admission and fifth cause of death in Malaysian government hospitals in 2003. In the year 2003 about 17 people are killed a day.(Health Facts, 2003). The incidence rate of motor vehicle accidents in Malaysia 2000 was 107.64 per 10,000 population (Ministry of Health Malaysia. Malaysia’s Health 2002). Motorcars aremost commonly involved, followed by motorcycles, lorries/vans (Royal Malaysian Police 2004). Road traffic accidents is a recognized dominant cause of injury and death among teenagers worldwide and in Malaysia. A national study in 1996 reported that most of the road injuries occurredamong 10-19 years (31.0%), followed by 20-29 years of age. Death were more common amongthe young adults, followed by adolescent (Epidemiology of Injuries 1997). In the year 2000,adolescent between 16-20 years were the majority (16.37%) of those who were involved in roadtraffic accidents. This was followed by those between 21-25 years (15.43%)(Royal MalaysianPolice 2004).

It's very sad people especially Malay still have no alert toward this matter. They never think of their love one that they left behind to inherit their wealth and debts. Have you all think about this???

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