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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

a birThday ceLebRatiTioN aT sweNsen caFe, suBang paRade

This speacial year, we all celebrate kat Swensen Cafe. And it happened to be on Tuesday. So happy sgt sbb it an Earthquake Day. Baru ler puas dpt mkn ice-cream - 8 scoop & 8 topping. But yg sedih yer my favourite flavour i.e Sticky Chewy out of stock. Huhuhu.....

Somehow, everybody happy and enjoy the ice-cream including our sweet little waFa liYaNa.

i also give him a great present this year with several wishes, in which i hope all my wishes come true (terbalik kot ler sbb i yg buat wishes this year, hehehe jgn mrh cayang). Not to forget a beautiful bunch of red roses for him too.

Bila tgk semua happy i feel very2 happy and touching. But i truly hope that we could be happily ever after. Stay together as 1 family in our very own house. Ya, hopefully one wonderful day and that is one of my wish. That i always pray to ALLAH. Amin Ya Rabbal a'Lamin. Semoga kami sekeluarga diberkati ALLAH.

Semlm dah happy, Today, i have to face back the real life. I need to work out something to settle his problem. But as a wife we need to sacrifies.....it's true? May be, may be not! But for me I have too. Coz' love does matter. SyurgaKu di bwh Telapak kaki SuamiKu. :-)


  1. hai..xkan bg flowers kot kat husband...eeeii dunia dh terbalik kerr...

  2. alamak romsntiknya.. tu yang tak sabar nak celebrate beday ni.. tapi orang tu, batu konkrit.. He!!