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Saturday, February 26, 2011

@@kisah SADIS; sPeciaL taSk foRce@@

what to say...what to do...started from 1 (amee), then become 2 (fyza) and lastly 3 (zana) of us...and we have been seperated now...

one at PJ, one at Hijau Kuning and another 1 at Jln Pegawai...and also not in the same dept anymore...one remain with Special Task Force, one transferred to Media Section, and another one transferred to Marketing Dept...what is going to happen...huhuhu, what a sad story, what a sad ending to us...STF Vs BFF

"we are separated now
it hasn’t been like this in the pass three years
you all have helped me through my tears
trough my fears
laughing and crying been sharing together
you all are my best friend forever
talking to you all is easy
we understand each other well
we face obstacle together
we shared enjoyment together
sisters together
sisters apart
your always in my heart"

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