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Friday, February 25, 2011

;;;"I Love DoNuts";;;

believe or not...i also love donuts a lot....normally if i saw dunkin donuts, most of the time i surely stop and buy it...a box of 5+1 (for my kiddos) as well as the croissant with Tuna feeling and ice-coffee (my favorite)

the fluffy and sweet taste makes us feel satisfied with it...yummylicious....suka sesangat....other than dunkin donuts...i also loved J-Co Donuts (especially J-Lo) but doesn't prefer Big Apple so much, as it is too sweet compare to the others...but ofcourse, we can't consume this too much as u might get diabetes very soon...so scary yar

i enjoy eating donuts especially with friend during lepaking...kalu ada hot coffee lagi best...kaw punya

P/S : pelik bila org samakan donuts ngan lelaki yg lembut???

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