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Monday, January 31, 2011

Healthy Snacks for Growing Children

When we think about snacks, images of junk food would normally spring up. But with a little planning, snacks can actually be nutritious and play a vital part in a child’s daily meal plan. Snacking helps increase variety in a child’s diet and allows him to get the recommended number of servings from important food groups daily. It also keeps him energized in between ­meals and reduces over-eating at meal time.

Here are some tips on choosing delicious healthy snacks for your children to keep them active throughout the day.

An energy boost on the go!

Instead of drinking rose syrup or carbonated soft drinks during recess, pack him a healthier option like MILO UHT. It contains less sugar, is nutritionally balanced (packed with the right ratio of protein, fats and carbohydrates) to meet your child’s growing needs. What’s more, the new MILO UHT 200ml pack is convenient for your child to take it with him wherever he goes.
You can also alternate with snacks that are packed with the wholesome goodness of wholegrains.

NESTLÉ KOKO KRUNCH or NESTLÉ HONEY STARS, in its 25g pack size serves the right amount of nutrients your child needs per serving. You may also include in some fruits like apples or bananas for the added fruity goodness. .

Healthier filler in between lunch and dinner!
Before your child goes out to play, why not serve him with a mug of MILO drink? Every mug of MILO drink contains the natural goodness of milk and cocoa. It also contains PROTOMALT, a complex carbohydrate that gives your child a good source of energy in a balanced diet and ACTIGEN-E which ‘unlocks’ and optimises conditions for the release of energy from food.
Instead of pisang goreng or sweet kuih for tea, a sardine or tuna sandwich is the healthier option. Make it on wholemeal bread with some lettuce and tomatoes for a tasty yet balanced and nutritious snack that your child would love.

If your child is craving for something refreshing, why not reward him once a while with something extra special?
NESTLÉ MAT KOOL range of ice and frozen confection contains non-artificial colouring, sourced from plants and vegetables. Best of all, most of the variety are either in high vitamin C or calcium!

Drink more milk!
Healthy snacks for children call for a glass of milk. NESPRAY Fortified is a full cream milk powder that provides your child with a high level of fortified protein, fortified calcium, high in iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B12 and vitamin C that will give him enhanced nutrition for overall growth and development.

Whether eaten on the go or at home after school, healthy snacks are easy and quick to put together. They offer important nutrients and energy in each delicious bite. Healthy food not only helps keep your children strong, but also set the tone for a lifetime of good eating habits

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