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Thursday, January 20, 2011

...sudah lama...

lamanya x jengok blog nie...mcm dh berabuk ja...what a busy mum i am as a mother of 4 kids...so now it's a time to share the moment of year 2011 as a very busy mama handling 4 kiddos...hehehe

nampaknya x berpeluang nk relax ler...to many things to be done

a credit and appreciation to my mum for assisting me to take care of my darlingssss during my working time...thks Mak; muahhhhhsss!!!

as an appreciation, i bought her a white C3 for her convinience...since her phone is so bad already; hopes u like it =)


  1. welcome back my dear blogger friend..he he he
    lama fyza x update.it's good to know that all are doing well there.

    upload pics of your babies sekali-sekala if u have time :)

    Take care

  2. tq maria...insyaAllah, kembali aktif (kalau ada masa terluang/ terbuang)
    the pic is coming soon
    hoping ur cita2 nk tambah sorg lg tercapai soonest =)