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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Wa dah lama sgt x post kat blog ni...rasa rindu lak...baru tadi dok baca blog2 lain...ya family day yg dinanti2kan dah pun selamat dijayakan...seperti yg dirancangkan...seronok giler...jumpa everybody, sembang2, gosip2, main games, swimming, makan, layan kerenah anak2, etc.
Rasanye dulu mak2 kita dok layan kerenah kita masa perjumpaan, la ni msg2 sibok dok terpekik terlolong panggil anak msg2 yg lasak main aci ligan...takut terjun dlm swimming pool plak.
Aktiviti cam ni kalau sesekali buat mmg seronok giler...organiser lak baguih...so best la. Special Thks to the one that organize this special function; Mr. Zikri n family and others that contribute to make it happened. May ALLAH bless our intention to eratkan silaturrahim sesama sedara n seislam...

At the moment, life a bit boring but busy...busy looking for a job. But still couldn't get. Interview dah g tapi the chance is still not there...I pray to Allah s.w.t...hopefully i and my colleague get a better job soon...AMIN!
So...continue looking for a job...

A sad story...my lovely mother in law been hospitalised yesterday...she got diabetic in which her foot have to be cut out coz the DR. found that her ankle bone out. And it may effect the whole leg. She was very sad, but my hubby and his sibblings advise her to follow Dr. advise. Then after seing Specialist, then she decide to do it.
To Mak, be patient and we all will support and be with you to go through this situation together, INSYAALLAH.
Semoga ALLAH memudahkan operation yg bakal dijalankan dengan selamatnya, AMIN!

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