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Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year 2007!

Wishes to everybody a very happy new year and may this year all our hope and dream comes true...alahai still dok di sini...nampaknyer azam tahun baru nak resign dan berpindah ke Tjg Malim terpaksa di tangguh kan...may be next year or somewhere around this year gaks.
But this year Dina dah start schooling...so more challengging responsibilities for me...but i am a supermom...i think i able to overtake everything...but for sure with a support from hubby (eventhough jauh nun di sana la).
Somehow the first day of her schooling day dah buat lawak yg membuat MAMA gelabah giler...
i already arrange a transportation for her to both school. Morning at Sek Ren Keb Bukit Kemuning (2) and everning at Sek Keb Agama Jalan Kebun. But somehow she couldn't find her VAN on her way home. (too many vehicle outside the school). Therefore she decided to eat ice-cream while waiting...then after finished...she looked around and ask some of other students...but none are waiting for the Van...so she walked until end of the road and decide to walk home...
At the same time i went to the school looking for her...i saw the van moved from the school, so i thought she's already in there. Then i went home and waited for her. Later until 20 min i decided to recheck at school. When i reached there the van still there and she is not in the van.
Then i decided to look for her in the school...while looking for her...the Van's Uncle call me and told that he already waited for Dina until 1.30. But have to take off coz' need to rush for Sek Agama. So, i become panic and try to look for her again. I meet another mum who also looking for her son..we both went to Bilik Guru and Pejabat. Suddenly bibik call me from home and told that Dina already arrived at home walking.
What a relief...but geramnyer...alhamdulililah she still safe home...but i took leave and send her to Sek Agama coz' i am too worried if she still can't recognized the Van. So that day i show her the Van and ask her to remember the Van registration no. Also advise her not to get home alone. If couldn't find the Van pls go to her teacher and ask to call me....kalau sakit jantung mesti MAMA dah kena serangan...dina, dina. Whatsoever best of luck to Nur Irdina Lidyya for this year and also to Danial, Kholeeda, Haziq, Danish, Akilah and Aliff for your new world of schooling.

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