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Thursday, February 25, 2010

***BE HAPPY ^-^ AT WORK***

Bila kita conggak2 balik...masa kita byk yg kita spend kat office dari kat rumah...mana tak nyer...kita keje 8 jam sehari plus traveling lagi, andaikan traveling kita amik 1 jam sehari, means kita spend masa tuk bekerja 9 jam x 5 hari = 45jam...kalau 6 hari = 54jam(lama tu)...sedangkan kat rmh byk masa yg kita guna tuk tido aje (kebiasaan 8 jam sehari) ini bermakna kita cuma spend masa 7 jam sehari di rumah berbanding 9 jam di pejabat...so kesimpulannyer...kita kenalah make sure yg kita praktik kan "Happy Working in the Office"...
...bercakap pasai mempraktikkan happy working...ada beberapa tips yg telah digodek2 dari 1 article written by David Wee...dalam article nye, David contribute 10 tips to increase job satisfaction...as well as helping us to get ahead.

"If you have been in your current job for a long time, you likely to get unhealthily comfortable in it or you may start to feel dissatisfied. You want something different or more"...
1. Rest and recharge...we must plan and book for vacations and do sthg fun for ourself, so that we can recharge
2. Rotate work tasks...instead of plugging away at heavy task alone, take a break and shift to another assignment
3. Re-evaluate your career path...to see whether you are on target with your professional goals.
4. Re-connect with your co-workers...take time while getting that morning cup of coffee or as pass the hallway to say "hello" and catch up, coz' they are an effective source of feedback and positive support.
5. Ramp up your skills...pick-up a self-help book or attend a lecture or seminar to better prepare urself for ur next challenge at work.

6. Romance yourself at work...strive to work more towards those task that give you the most satisfaction
7. Recipe for happy and healthy worker...balancing ur work and personal life by taking steps everyday, to find the right balance for you
8. Request help...if and when necessary, when you are in a tight spot
9. Retain your professional connections...maintaining professional contacts and connections helps keep your network strong and provides a solid base for future reference
10. Remember, it's all about you...if you are unhappy or unsatisfied at work, determine what is making u unhappy. If possible, make or request small changes in ur current job, so your work will be more appealing

Whatever it is you resolve to do, remember that taking time to review your goals or plans can help you stay on track with your ambitions, whether it be getting a promotion, a raise or finding that ideal new job or career.

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