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Monday, November 23, 2009

...::: the lovely ABC...bout marriage life:::...

I wanna quote this A to Z bout marriage life...suppose to be done by each couple whom get married...we must try our very best to appreciate each other and always try the very best to enrich the marriage...as we wanted to retain our marriage to the end of our life...till death take us apart.....

A - Absolutely adore each other

B - Be best friends

C - Compromise

D - Discover new things together

E - Encourage each other

F - Forgive and forget

G - Gaze into each others eyes

H - Hold hands and hug a lot

I - Inspire and intrigue each other

J - Joke and laugh and have fun

K - Kiss Kiss Kiss ;-)

L - Love with all your hearts

M - Marvel at each other's talents

N - Nuture each other's soul

O - Overcome problem together

P - Play games

Q - Quiet each other's fears

R - Remember the little things

S - Say "I love you" everyday

T - Take time for tenderness

U - Understand and care deeply

V - Value everything you share

W - Wish on stars together

X - X-press your true feelings

Y - Yearn for each other's touch

Z - Zzzzz in each other's arm

P/S : I love you so much honey...and keep praying that we will stay together under 1 roof very sooooooonnnnn....ameen!!!

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