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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

koNon maNja la tuuuuuuu!

manjaNyer wafa ngan mak tok dia...itu mak tok, ini mak tok...and bila ditanya WaFa sayang mak tok tak? the answer is WaFa sayang mak tok, WaFa sayang sangat2 kat Tok Bapak...she really love both of them...and even she always mentioned to me that she miss tok bapak so much...this really made me sad for her...a kid that attached to our parents is really pampered...

but believe me, they also will remember our parent always and more than their own parents...hahaha! may be we all always got no time to be with them, only on leave day...kesian my kids...but can't help it, ni yg rasa mcm nk resign skrg and become fulltime housewife nie...(boleh ker??)...however, at the moment MaMa and PaPa has to work untuk mencari rezeki yg halal for our family as well, till masa yg sesuai for all of us to attach together...soooooonnnnnnnn!!!

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