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Friday, November 24, 2006

survey ... BBQ!

as per requested by our leader for team BBQ, i go for a survey with dina today
so buleh la decide nk amik yg mana.....n time tu make calculation on the total amount needed.

letih gaks pi round2 td....mula2 pi makro, then giant 18, paih tu pi carrefour subang...then makan kat subang parade.

after makan nk p rumah danial, sbb dina nk main ngan danial, tp bila kuar dr sbg parade langit nampak gelap semacam ja. and traffic also quite heavy. so decide to cancelled our plan. sorry la kakak. lagipun mummy ckp PS2 x leh main coz tv rosak again.....

but kak emy got s/thing 4 you. just now jumpa benda yg menarik. so i bought 4 u also. hopes u like it, coz i don't know ur taste.

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