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Thursday, July 07, 2011

al~kiSah ciK i-PhoNe 4

asyik dok confuse ja between i-phone n BB...and after discuss punya discuss both of us decide to choose BB as my hubby ckp dia jenis yg lasak dan x sesuai pakai i-phone...reaching month of July i make called to Maxis to ask last date before termination of line...then saja2 tanya pasai package yg available...and surprise me they are offerring me a gud package under corporate line...terus habaq kat hubby and last wednesday shoot ke KLCC to grab one black and one white i-phone4 for each of us...

eventhough that day is a tiring day for us as too many thing happened the week after and the same week, but kerana x sabaq nk memiliki something yg dh lama di "aim"...terus p KLCC on the day Alya discharged from DEMC....and i almost fainted sbb keletihan yg amat...hahaha...sanggup turrr...now really can't wait for them to deliver the new gadget...nk touch sana touch sini....slide sana slide sini...ngeh ngeh ngeh

so rite after this...i'm an i-Phone lover, same goes to my love azlan and as well as my lovely cousin dr bid...so now tinggai another lovely cousin lynda yg akan beli very the soonnnnn....mari mari mari

p/s: terus bersabar menunggu ketibaan nya....

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