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Saturday, March 26, 2011

:::fRiDay's LuNch at THE GARDEN:::

normally on Friday, we will plan for special lunch together2...eventhough a bit costly but we enjoy our lunch spend on Friday, coz' this is a time when we could compliment ourself with sumting spesel...after all, it's our hardwork that should be appreciated

this round (25.03.2011), we decided to take lunch @ THE GARDEN, The Curve...a cosy place with lovely deco...i laikkkkk...leeza and myself decided to take the lunch set offer by the garden and it is so lovely and yummy.

i took speggeti cabonara as main dishes which compliment together with Garden Salad, Soup of The Day and Ice Lemon Tea.....i love the dishes, the cabonara very creamy...teringat ANgeLa caBoNara (miss DXNiens @ ALor Setar....huhuhu)

meanwhile leeza enjoy her chicken teriyaki with the same set.....this dishes also very yummylicious....

Alhamdulillah atas rezekiMU Ya Allah...aku sangat2 bersyukur dengan pemberianMU

however...dengan tak disangka2...after coming back to office after that lunch, i got a weird message from unknown person who interested to know me...so very the weird coz' we didn't notice anyone staring at us coz' we really enjoy the food there...eiii sapa lak yg kasi my phone no ni....melampau betuiiiii (kebetulan we fill-up satisfactory form provided by The Garden, may be that guy took from there or he is the staff)...somehow...NO LAYAN YA....we only layan foods...hehehe

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