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Monday, April 13, 2009

"The Bigger Weight Loser"

walawei....a contest proposed by Kak Zana...has begun today....and the R&R are as below:-


Rules & Regulation :-

1. Entry Fee: RM5
2. Duration: 13 April 2009 - 13 June 2009 (2 months)
3. Everyone is free to make any strategies/plan/efforts during this competition.
4. The highest weight lost will be the winner; Others will be considered as to have lost the competition.
5. Anyone who's weight is more than the entry measurement, will be requested to pay another RM5.00 as penalty.
6. The total sum of the collected money will be given to the winner.


Dalam x di sangka2...ramai jugak yg join...di sebabkan kebanyakkan dari staff DXN dh start putting on weight...hehehe...including me...may be due to the free coffee provided to us....hahaha! There are 8 participants all together...we are requested to weight ourself at the judgement area and recorded...we also set target on how many kg targeted to be loose. So at the end of the day...jeng jeng jeng....the winner will win the cash prize (eventhough not so much) but most importantly beautiful and slim "body"...wow!

So to everybody including myself.....GOOD LUCK.....

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  1. Just for the record, eventhough I am the fattest and the biggest of the group (yeah me, in the blue blouse), I am not taking part in the competition. Not because I don't want to lose weight but because I rather be struck by lightning than have people know my actual weight.